Protein is for everyone: Are you a Macro Munching Man?

Macro Mixes are for everyone.

But this particular blog post is for the guys. The boys. All the men. 

Hey hey! We see you, and we’re so stoked to have you as part of the macro munching community!

Whether you’re a student or working; a dad or a bachelor; someone who enjoys fitness and the outdoors, or a person who prefers computers and tech – we believe we have something that will suit your lifestyle.   

If you’re already a Macro Munching Man, you may be up to speed with the benefits of our protein-packed snacks, the sheer joy of lifting a freshly baked treat from the oven, and the convenience of having wholesome, tasty food on hand.

Alternatively, you may be new and looking for some fast facts about our products. 

Either way, we’d love to quickly zoom through some reasons why Macro Mixes may be a great addition to your pantry and your life. 

They’re a healthy option

Stats show that chronic non-communicable diseases are becoming more prevalent in South Africa and around the world. Some of these diseases are linked to people’s lifestyles and can be prevented through making healthier choices 1,2

Unhealthy diets are amongst the risk factors for chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease 1,2. Interestingly, a report by the Council for Medical Schemes in South Africa showed that between 2011 and 2016 3, more men than women were being treated for coronary heart disease 4 and diabetes mellitus 3. Following a balanced diet, with fewer refined and processed ingredients, and cutting down on sugar, are some of the ways to lower your risk of developing those illnesses 4,5.  Avoiding these ingredients can sometimes be tricky however, when you’re on the go, ravenous, and need a quick snack. Lots of convenient, ready-to-eat products are not nutritionally balanced and leave us feeling hungry again within about 17 seconds.  

At Macro Mixes, we pride ourselves on the fact that our products are sugar free, and contain a healthy balance of the macro-nutrients that your body needs – carbohydrates, fats and protein. Of these, our mixes have a particularly healthy dose of protein, which has so many benefits for your body. If you thought that protein was only needed by your friends on the first rugby team, think again.

All of us require protein for our brain function, the growth and repair of our bodies, and our digestion. Due to its essential role in tissue growth (building muscles, bones, skin and cartilage), it’s actually particularly important for those who don’t do resistance training or who are, for example, in front of a computer for most of the day. As the most satiating of the macronutrients, we also love the way that it keeps you fuller for longer. So, whether you’re physically active and on-the-go, or spend more time in the office, protein-packed foods should help to fill the gap when hunger sets in 6,7.

For those who are working towards body composition goals, you might be interested to know that protein is the macronutrient with the highest thermic effect, meaning that is uses the most energy to digest and process. It does this whilst retaining your lean body mass and therefore is protective if you are in a calorie deficit, experiencing health challenges or if you’re an older person 6,7

Did we mention they’re delicious? 

As well as being packed with protein and other beneficial ingredients, our products taste really good (if we do say so ourselves). Our range includes porridges, protein-oats, hot beverages and pre-mixes, which not only full your stomachs but satisfy your sweet tooth as well. So, whether you’re a guy who likes to grab a sugary treat on the fly, or a dad trying to feed their kids some wholesome chow, we bet you’ll love the options that we have to offer. 

They are easy and convenient  

Healthy, tasty and convenient. Our products are also easy to make! 

Macro Mixes pancakes, muffins, brownies and cakes require no previous baking experience, no hi-tec baking equipment and very few additional ingredients. You could whip these up to surprise your significant other, or pack them to eat on the go. Whether you’re on your daily commute, heading to the gym, or going on a hiking trip; you’ll be so grateful to sink your teeth into one of these homemade treats.   

But baked goods are not all we have to offer. No siree. Our protein-oats and porridges can we cooked up in minutes for a filling breakfast that will get your day started right! Or, you could even mix some of that porridge powder with a cup of mylk to get a tasty protein shake and an ideal pre-workout snack. Then there’s our coffee, hot chocolate, nougat and more – all so lekker and so quick to make and take. 

They meet you where you’re at

Our products really are so versatile. They cater for the braai-masters; the chefs; the dads; the businessmen; the athletes and the okes who take a packet of chips as a side-dish to their mum’s Christmas lunch. We believe that everybody can find their niche in Macromix Making. 

So, if you’re a chap who has spent years at the weber, perfecting the art of heat and timing, consider channelling those skills into a stack of perfectly bronzed pancakes. Swap your tongs for a spatula, and you’ll find that the precision and control you’ve refined through flipping patties and turning steaks, will have you more than adequately prepared. If the flames and coals still beckon, turn those pancakes into braaibroodjies – there’s no reason why they can’t be the perfect accompaniment to a bit of wors.

And if you prefer the idea of some more serious baking, then no problemo. Follow the instructions on the packs of our premixes to enjoy the brownies, cakes and muffins as is; or add your favourite nuts, spices, fruits and veg to create something new. Invite your kids to help you out, or enjoy the time alone in the kitchen to chill and unwind. 

These baked goods could come in handy if you’ve invited your mates over to watch the game. Rumour has it that our brownies pair perfectly with an ice-cold bezza, so whip up a batch and serve them to the lads. Satiating and sustaining, they’ll keep the guys going and ensure that hunger doesn’t interrupt a good match. 

Of course, it’s possible that you’re not into baking and that you’re the dude who’ll be hitting the chips aisle on Christmas Eve. In that case, we’re here to say “there ain’t nothing wrong with that”. But may we suggest, to change things up a little, that you give one of our ready-to-eat treats a try? Call up mum and let her know you’ll be bringing dessert this year, and then stock up on nougats, chocolates and drizzles that will rival the mince pies and climb the ranks on your family’s list of “favourite Christmas puds”. 

And so bros, that’s a wrap. We hope you’ve found some helpful info about what Macro Mixes have to offer. 

We always love to hear your comments and feedback, so let us know which products you’re chomping and why. 

Until then, dig in and enjoy! 

Written by Claire Willows