What are the pros of protein?

Everyone needs to support their body’s daily functioning, and both the quality and quantity matter. You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from protein support. 

Different factors can lead to increased protein requirements such as an injury or being in a calorie deficit. Life stage plays a role because as you age the efficiency with which you absorb protein decreases and your intake needs to increase to make up for this. As you age you need to take extra care to preserve your muscle and bone density. Protein intake and exercise are great ways to do this.

The amount of protein you’re consuming isn’t everything – quality also plays an important role. Eating meals containing high quality protein can help increase satiety levels more than the other macronutrients.

Not only is protein the most filling macronutrient but the intake is especially important when your body is getting less energy than it needs in order to preserve as much lean tissue as possible.

Protein also assist with the following:
– Repairing your body after an injury
– Lowers your blood pressure 
– Boosts your metabolism 

Each product in the Macro Mixes range has been carefully formulated to provide an amazing macronutrient split. The goal was to be high in protein, and yet still remain calorie controlled

Written By: Claudia Schoeman