Our Story

We all need more time! And a lot of us  are trying to eat better. There is just so much we are trying to juggle that it can easily feel overwhelming.

Back when I was a chemistry student this was my struggle as well. I loved baking and sweet treats, and was learning a lot about nutrition and metabolism, but I had no time to create delicious goods that also matched with my health and fitness goals, which were substantial.

Breakfasts were an on the run affair, average tasting snacks were bought out of convenience, and I was fed up with the lack of delicious, quick options to satisfy both my taste buds and nutrition requirements.

Macro friendly (low calorie, high protein) baking entered my life around this time. I had always been a foodie and had been baking wedding cake since school days. But then when I started getting serious about my nutrition I knew I needed a high protein diet filled with lots of minimally refined foods too.

I knew that if I couldn’t make the things I loved eating, like cake, brownies and pancakes, fit these requirements, I would never be able to stick this way of eating long term.

I was bored of the same old story: stick to it for a couple weeks before missing the sweet stuff too much and giving up. That’s not a lifestyle. That’s a diet. And I didn’t want to try and diet forever. I knew that short term fixes didn’t work, and that long term dietary adherence was key. And the key to adherence is enjoyment and sustainability.

The Turning Point

At first the baking was just for myself, but then people started asking if they could buy the goodies from me. I knew that wasn’t sustainable or scalable. A better solution needed to be found to share these foods everyone!

And BOOM. What better way to do this than enable people to make it themselves in their own kitchens?

And so Macro Mixes was born out of an awareness of good nutrition, a need for convenience, a preference for wholesome ingredients, and high taste standards.

After the launch of the Baking Premixes we launched the Instant Protein Porridges as an alternative for those who wanted something ready in seconds. The snack range followed that.

During this time an incredible online community was forming.

I was baking in this macro friendly way, sharing a lot of my recipes, and also communicating evidence based healthy living information through my blog and Instagram, Sugarfree Sundays. Ultimately, people could relate to the realities of navigating a healthy lifestyle as a busy student or working human.

It has been a JOURNEY. I kind of fell into this with no knowledge of how to run a business, let alone scale it. It has been extremely humbling, mistake-filled, and sometimes even painful. There have been more obstacles than I could ever have envisioned, but through much hard work, growth and the incredible support of the entire Macro Mixes community, I could not be prouder of where we are today.

Our Range

We have an ever growing range of high protein, whole food ingredient products, spanning baking premixes, porridges, nut butters, protein nougats and even cute merch!

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Such an incredible business- the best customer service I have experienced in such a long time and THE most delicious nougat. Thank you thank you. Will definitely be ordering again!!

Kirstin Heath

Baked a ‘no fail” macro mixes carrot cake last night. For someone who can not bake if her life depends on it, this is definitely a winner. Not to mention when my diabetic daughter asked for seconds I could gladly give her another slice. With our carb counting for her and our protein counting for me…Im definitely waiting in anticipation for the pancake and nana Mix

Rochelle Sampear

I could happily live off Macro Mixes – they are so versatile. The chocolate protein porridge is my absolute favourite, and I have a sneaky suspicion once I get my hands on the Birthday Cake and Carrot Cake mixes I’ll acquire two new addictions.

Kate Jarvis

Still today I’m amazed with how many recipes you can make with all the mixes that are available. On top of all the provided mouthwatering recipes that are super simple and quick. Thank you❤️

Tarin Gordon

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