How to care for our bodies as we age

There are few things in life that are certain, but aging is a given. You are older today than you were yesterday #truefacts. 

But how do we enhance the passage of time, and help ourselves to move comfortably from one milestone to the next?

Whilst there are many factors that could play a role, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is certainly one way to smooth the journey and preserve your quality of life. 

With this in mind, we’d like to take a little look at one or two of the ways that you can invest in your long-term well-being. In particular, we’re going to highlight why protein is important, and encourage you to keep up your physical activity! 

Whether you’re a youth, middle-aged, or well into your “Golden Years”, we hope you’ll find some interesting info about the aging human body and how to give it some love and care. 

Pay attention to nutrition

Did you know that as you get older, your body’s ability to digest and absorb protein decreases 1? Whilst this may not initially alarm you, we think you should take note of it.  

This is because protein is a really important macronutrient, which plays an essential role in our body’s repair, growth, brain functioning and digestion2. In particular, protein is a building block of our muscles and is thus required to maintain and grow our muscle mass 1,2. Because these muscles are what help us to move safely, prevent falls, complete daily activities and remain independent 3; its worth trying to protect them as much as we can. 

As a result of our bodies’ decreasing sensitivity to protein over time, loss of muscle mass is common as we get older 4, 5. With age, our ‘muscle building mechanisms’ become less responsive to the protein that we consume and the maintenance and growth of our muscles is not so easily stimulated. One way to offset this is for older people to aim for a higher protein intake 5,6,7. Healthy eating should therefore include an adequate amount of protein, along with a balance of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. 

Try to keep your body moving

As well as good nutrition, remaining physically active is also a great way to look after your body and stay strong. Including some resistance exercise and strength training is particularly helpful in maintaining your muscle mass 4,5,8.  This could involve a trip to the gym, some gardening or even lifting your grandchild onto the swings!

Every healthy habit makes a difference. 

So, don’t be daunted by the prospect of making dietary or lifestyle changes. Its never too late, it doesn’t have to be difficult, and we would like to support you along the way! 

How could Macro Mixes help? 

At Macro Mixes, protein is one of our favourite macronutrients. We understand its benefits at every stage of the lifespan, and have tried to create a range of products that will give everyone a healthy dose of this great stuff. Our pre-mixes and ready-to-eat goodies are also made with a host of other nutrient-rich ingredients, fibre, and a carefully crafted balance of carbs and fats. We use wholesome ingredients and have kept everything sugar and gluten free, supporting a healthy diet and making our treats suitable for diabetics and those with gluten intolerance.  

All this has been done without compromising the flavour and taste, and we hope you’ll find some of your childhood favourites in the mix! Think milk tart, banana bread, carrot cake, pancakes, porridge and pudding – flavours that bring back memories and transport us back in time.

They are also so convenient and easy to make! No need to trapse the shops searching for elusive ingredients. Or to spend hours in the kitchen searching recipe books, measuring and mixing. Our products are made with lifestyle in mind – whether it be busy work and study, or the calmer-pace that retirement brings. You can easily put together something special when the craving strikes! Invite your grandchildren over to help you whip up a batch of something nice, or treat your friends to a tasty tea. These healthy goodies are loved by the young and the old alike. 

And once you’ve munched on what you’ve made, you may find you have some extra energy for that all-important exercise: a walk round the block, a game with your grandkids or a wander down memory lane. Take a Macromixes snack with you, or refuel at the end, and you’ll be effortlessly consuming more protein throughout the day. 

You see, building in these helpful practices doesn’t have to be a challenge. 

If you’re already a member of the “older generation”, we hope you’re encouraged to feed and move your body in ways that keep you strong enough to do the things you love, for as long as you can.  

And if you’re a youngster, add “protein and exercise” to your retirement vision board. Then please tell all the grown-ups in your life about what you’ve read today. We want everyone, at every age, to be as well as they can be! 

Here’s to living life to the full! And to dancing wildly till you’re at least 93. 

Written by Claire Willows