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Sneaking veg into your kiddie’s meals

Like going to bed. Or having a bath.  Vegetables also feature in this category.   Zucchinis and tomatoes were our childhood nemeses. And now, twenty-something years later, they both feature on our list of “top 4 favourite veg”.  Although veggies may not entice the kids to the dinner table, we know that their little growing […]

Lockdown Living: How’s the Chow?

After 100 plus days, this lockdown time has certainly brought with it a heap of new experiences, challenges, joy, and more.  As you’ve navigated these unchartered waters you may have found yourself having to adapt to new routines and rhythms, as lockdown living has moulded different parts of your daily life. Along with other daily […]

Picking your Protein: Whey vs Pea

Are you looking to reach your protein PEAk? Trying to decide which is the best WHEY to go?  Now that we’ve humoured ourselves and exhausted our protein-powder related puns, we’re planning to share some hopefully helpful information to assist you in deciding whether pea or whey is your preferred protein source.  This is not the […]

What’s the Power of Coconut Flour?

You may have wondered why coconut flour is one of the base ingredients in our Macro Mixes porridges and premixes.  Well, if you weren’t wondering about this before, we bet you are now!  It’s certainly no coincidence that coconut flour features on many of our ingredient’s lists. It was chosen for a number of reasons, […]

A “How To” for the Perfect Brew

The ‘Wake and Bake’ blend is one of the newest additions to the Macro Mixes family and a delicious way to start your day! This medium roast coffee boasts yummy notes of dark chocolate and caramel, making it a great accompaniment to your morning rusk, breakfast, baked treat or any of our Macro Mixes range.   […]

News About Nuts: Part Two

Welcome back! We are so stoked that you joined us for part 2 of our nutty adventure! So far, in our quest to uncover nut-related facts, we’ve taken a virtual trip around the country to find out which nuts are homegrown. We also celebrated the waste-reduction strategies that the nut-industry is implementing; and got excited […]

News About Nuts: Part One

Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuts. They are out there in every way, shape and form. Enjoyed raw, roasted or salted; as milks, butters, flours and oils. Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian or meat-eater; options for nutty goodness abound!  As people have become more conscious of living healthy lives, the demand and availability of these little guys has increased 1,2. We […]

7 Wonderful Ways with Nut Butter Drizzle

Nut butter drizzle has got us drooling.  And whilst we believe it’s the perfect accompaniment to EVERYTHING, here are 7 ideas to whet your appetite:  1. Beautify baked goods Decorate cakes, brownies, Nana Loaves, muffins, blondies, biscuits and so much more. With baked goods as your canvas, you can let your inner-artist run wild! Whether you’re […]