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We know you’re busy. Time and money are tight. Our products range from instant to just minutes to prepare, and they go far.

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They don’t taste good. They don’t satisfy your actual cravings. And they aren’t getting you closer to your goals. We have optimised flavour AND nutritional info to combat that.

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Kids can be hard to please. The elderly need protein but often have a sweet tooth. Your partner keeps sneaking in unhelpful snacks. Macro Mixes will be loved by EVERYONE, no convincing needed.

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People have different dietary requirements and preferences. We get that, so Macro Mixes are tailored just for you!
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Such an incredible business- the best customer service I have experienced in such a long time and THE most delicious nougat. Thank you thank you. Will definitely be ordering again!!

Kirstin Heath

Baked a ‘no fail’ macro mixes carrot cake last night. For someone who can not bake if her life depends on it, this is definitely a winner. Not to mention when my diabetic daughter asked for seconds I could gladly give her another slice. With our carb counting for her and our protein counting for me…Im definitely waiting in anticipation for the pancake and nana Mix

Rochelle Sampear

I could happily live off Macro Mixes – they are so versatile. The chocolate protein porridge is my absolute favourite, and I have a sneaky suspicion once I get my hands on the Birthday Cake and Carrot Cake mixes I’ll acquire two new addictions.

Kate Jarvis

Still today I’m amazed with how many recipes you can make with all the mixes that are available. On top of all the provided mouthwatering recipes that are super simple and quick. Thank you❤️

Tarin Gordon