7 Wonderful Ways with Nut Butter Drizzle

Nut butter drizzle has got us drooling. 

And whilst we believe it’s the perfect accompaniment to EVERYTHING, here are 7 ideas to whet your appetite: 

1. Beautify baked goods

Decorate cakes, brownies, Nana Loaves, muffins, blondies, biscuits and so much more. With baked goods as your canvas, you can let your inner-artist run wild! Whether you’re more into abstract designs, still-life, or symmetry; feel free to express yourself through the medium of “drizzle”. 

But don’t limit yourself to just “drizzling” the top of the finished product. Swirl it into the batter before baking; spread it between layers of a cake; or sandwich it between biscuits. And if you want to seriously raise your chef-cred, hide a blob of it in the centre of a brownie, bowl-cake or muffin #gourmet. 

2. Jazz up your sarmies

Whatever your bread of choice, toasted or plain, some nut butter drizzle is always a good idea (unless you have a nut allergy…in which case it’s a really bad idea…..along with all the other ideas in this article. Stay safe). 

If you’re a fan of French toast, then try some nut butter drizzle over your next batch. You’ll thank us later. 

3. Boost your brekkie

Start your day right with some nut butter drizzle over your porridge, oats, pancakes or waffles. Drizzle into yoghurt or smoothies, and mornings will become your favourite time of day!

4. Fortify your fruit

Banana; berries; apple or pear slices; citrus segments; pineapple pieces; and dates – fresh or frozen, all are even more delicious when dipped in some drizzle. 

5. Warm-up in winter

Add to warm, frothy milk to create a nutty, hot chocolate drink that you’ll be sipping when things get chilly. 

Elevate your coffee game with some drizzle in your next cuppa. Or drip it over a foamy cappuccino…yum!

6. Tantalise your taste buds

Is popcorn a strictly savoury snack? The answer is “No”. That fluffy maize delight can be anything you want it to be really. Including the base for some delicious, drizzled magic. 

The same can be said for corn cakes, rice cakes, crackers…sweet and salty combinations are a-plenty!

7. Make frozen foods fabulous!

Ice-cream or “nice-cream” immediately looks Insta-worthy after the addition of some drizzle. So try it out, take a pic, and watch the likes come flooding in.  

So there you have it! Some inspiration to get you started. Now go forth, drizzle, dip and drip! 

P.S. Please share any other tasty combos you discover – we’re always on the search for a great treat!

Written by: Claire Frances Willows   


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